Guidance Department

Therese Harrison
Mercedes Walker
Tonya Tager
  • School Counselors: Therese Harrison

                                        Mercedes Walker

    Guidance Secretary/Clerk   Tonya Tager

    Phone Number: 803-534-3554

    As the guidance department, we look forward to working with your student this school year!

    Every student needs support, guidance and opportunities. Our goal is to assist parents, teachers and staff members to help ensure student growth in academic, career, and personal/social domains.  Services provided for students includes, Academic, Career, Individual/Group Counseling Services, etc.  In addition, to providing parents with access to Resources, Consultation, Referrals, and School Based Mental Health services.

    Enrollment packets can be picked up during school hours (8:00-4:00). Please allow one hour to register your student. Contact Carver Edisto Middle School Guidance Office if you have any questions at (803) 534-3554.

    The following documents are needed to enroll your student

    1. Birth Certificate
    2. Parent/Guardian ID
    3. SC Immunization Records
    4. Copy of Custody Papers (if parents are divorced or legally separated)
    5. Proof of Residency (utility bill or lease agreement or two other proof of occupancy)
    6. I.E.P./504 Plan.(if applicable)
    7. Social Security Card
    8. Medicaid Card (if applicable)

    Individualized Graduation Plan

    Once a year, beginning in the 8th grade, students will meet one-on-one with their counselor to develop their Individualized Graduation Plan (IGP).  They will choose a cluster of study based on their interests, hobbies and academic preferences.  Students will specialize in a career cluster and take electives that relate to their career plan during their high school years.  The goal of the IGP is to make sure students and parents are prepared to make informed decisions about the students’ education and future.