• Alcohol and Substance Abuse

    Possession, distribution, or being under the influence of licit or illicit, look-alike/imitation drugs, chemicals, alcohol, anabolic steroids, inhalants and any drug not prescribed for the students by a physician or any substance represented as a drug on school grounds or at school sponsored events is in violation of the Orangeburg Consolidated Shcool District Four policy.

    The principal shall recommend expulsion for any student found using or to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, in possession of drugs or alcohol, or drug paraphernalia. The principal shall recommend expulsion for all students involved in the distribution of drugs or alcohol. The principal or other responsible administrator shall report drug and alcohol related offenses by the students to the appropriate police authority. The principal shall retain a copy of any written report filed with the police in a file established for that purpose.

    The District Hearing Officer can recommend a student's attendance in and completion of an approved drug intervention program. If the parent or legal guardian chooses to have the student attend such a program, the student may, at the option of the principal and Assistant Superintendent, remain in school as long as the student meets all requirements of the program.