RMC Blood Drive

  • One stop shopping for information on our school blood drives.  Every 8 weeks.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
  • Cougars Finish 2019 with 132 units

    Edisto High School added a 5th drive this year on May 9th to finish with 132 units.

    Cougars Number One Donor Group in the Region 2019

    Edisto High School was recognized as the Number One Donor Group in the region for the award year 2019 by the RMC Blood assurance program.

    Way to go, Cougars!

    Give Blood...

    Our Senior red cord heroes will style in their new cords for Senior Day and graduation. These are our red cord heroes for the Senior Class of 2019...
    Samantha Amaker
    Mikayla Amaker
    Logan Banks    
    Gerard Bryant    
    Hannah Crosby    
    Hakeem Elmore    
    Porshia Evans    
    Natalie Fenton    
    Daniel Fogle    
    Jose Frias    
    Jacob Hall    
    Emily Ott    
    Matthew Russell    
    Christian Thomas 
    Alexius Thompson  
    Elijah Thompson - 2 cords
    Heather Thompson
    Red Cord Heroes Class of 2020/21
    Trevor Bowman
    Bryceton Bramblett
    Christopher Landon
    Dana McKeithen
    Francisco Noyola
    Anderson Slifco

    Don't forget...

    As a reminder, you need to eat breakfast and drink lots of fluids to increase your chance of a successful donation. Many seem to be missing picture IDs - the office or one of your teachers should be able to print out a page with your birthdate and picture from PowerTeacher. If your picture is not in the database, see Ms Miller or Ms Phillips to get it updated in PowerTeacher. They may also be able to issue you a school ID.

    Parental consent form is required for 16-17 years old. Downloadable form below. Everyone willing to donate must have a picture ID, with full name and birth date.

    Weight: Minimum of 110 pounds

    You may NOT Donate Blood if:

    You are at any risk for AIDS; You are potentially at risk and should not give blood if you:

    • - are a male who has had even one sexually intimate encounter with another male since 1977
    • - have ever engaged in prostitution
    • - have ever injected any drug into your body other than under a doctor’s supervision
    • - are currently a sexual partner of someone who might possibly be in any of these groups at risk for AIDS

        You have had hepatitis since the age of eleven

        You have traveled to the United Kingdom for a total of 3 months between 1980 and 1996.

    You May Be Temporarily Deferred If You Have or Had: *please ask Blood Center personnel if any apply to you*

    Surgery or blood transfusion

    Close contact with an individual with hepatitis


    Tattoos or skin piercing in last 12 months

    Traveled to malarial endemic area(s)

    Active symptomatic flu, cold, or upper respiratory infection


    Dental work within 72 hours (routine cleaning acceptable)

    History of certain forms of cancer/Cardiac Disorders

    Incarceration in jail or juvenile detention greater than 72 hours