Edisto Air Force Junior ROTC

  • SC-20021

    2020 AFJROTC National Distinguished Unit

    We have been awarded the AFJROTC National Distinguished Unit Streamer fifteen times.

    walter.davis@ocsdsc.org    earl.chatman@ocsdsc.org

    The new link to this page is at tinyurl.com/ehsafjrotc

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    "Winners focus on winning; losers focus on winners." - unattributed

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    blanch /blan(t)SH/verb: blanch; (of a person) grow pale from shock, fear, or a similar emotion.
        "Many cadets blanched at the suggestion they would have to take a final exam."




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    Tuesday, May 12, 2020


    SUBJECT:  Awards Ceremony 2020!


    Awards order from award ceremony - all awards

           You are cordially invited to attend the virtual AFJROTC awards ceremony for 2020 on Tuesday, May 26, at 6:00 P.M. on Instagram Live @edistoafjrotc. 

           We will be recognizing the hard work and achievements of your cadets during the past school year.  There will be hundreds of ribbon awards/certificates posted by order on the website 27 May.  We will take about 20-25 minutes to announce the winners of the fraternal awards ribbons and medals, plaques, and trophies that will be awarded in person that week.  Some of the fraternal award deliveries will be delayed because of institutional rules regarding the Wuhan virus.  We will also be recognizing our graduating Seniors.  This should be a memorable and fun event for all.

          Please make plans to attend now.  We are soliciting downloadable photos of all cadets (especially seniors) to prepare a graphic slide highlighting their achievements for publication on Instagram.  This is, of course, at your option.  We look forward to seeing you that evening.  RSVP with photo attached to walter.davis@ocsdsc.org  There will also be a Canvas module for photo upload for the 2nd semester cadets.                   

    Lt Col Davis

    Team EDISTO Update:

    May 26th and 27th- Senior and Underclassman Checkout Days 10AM-6PM Each Day- Students will make Debt Payments, Return Chromebook/Textbooks, Athletic Equipment, ROTC Uniforms, Clear Lockers, etc. and pick up Yearbooks/Awards/Senior Gifts.

    • Once all debts are cleared students can pick-up their yearbook and Honor Roll Awards/Gifts
    • Students and/or parents will park in the back of the school (Bus/Car Rider Drop Off Area) and follow the directions of staff members.
    • There will be NO Early Checkout and everyone must practice social distancing.

    May 29th- Senior Parade 6pm. Seniors and Junior Marshalls that want to participate should report to Edisto Primary School at 5:30pm. Junior Marshalls will walk and lead the Parade. Seniors can walk or decorate their car and ride/drive in the Parade. Seniors can ONLY RIDE or DRIVE with family and NOT other seniors. The Parade will end at the Edisto HS Student Parking Lot where seniors will be allowed to take a final Senior Walk through the halls of EHS.

    •  Note- All Parade participates must practice social distancing guidelines.

    June 3rd- Graduation Practice 9am. Tickets will be issued after practice. Reminder- Only two tickets per graduate. Seniors will need to enter the names of your two guests. This and other graduation reminders will be will be emailed out soon.

    June 4th- Graduation 9am at the EHS Football Field. Seniors Report and Gates Open at 8am.
































    “Life is a tragedy to those who feel and a comedy to those who think.” ― Molière


    Friday, March 1st, Edisto High School Air Force Junior ROTC unit SC-20021 earned an overall inspection assessment rating of “Exceeds Standards”, the highest rating that a unit can attain. Cadets Tariq Parker and Cameron Coker were awarded "Top Performer" ribbons during the inspection for their outstanding inspection preparation.

    This comprehensive unit inspection is scheduled every three years and was conducted by Mr Ron Henderson of HQ AFJROTC at Maxwell AFB, Al.  Mr Henderson was at Edisto High all day inspecting uniforms, drill performance, regulation compliance, financial management, classroom instruction, inventory accuracy, extra-curricular activities, community service, and cadet leadership. He recognized many areas for "exceed standards" including cadet ownership, cadet unit mission briefing, and cadet drill sequence. Mr. Henderson observed that "the Edisto High School Air Force JROTC citizenship program is making a positive impact on the cadets, the school, and the community.”

    The Edisto High School Air Force Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps unit was established in 2002. It is a cadet led program designed to teach high school students discipline, character, and citizenship, to help them achieve success in both college and their career. Edisto has been recognized 13 times as a national distinguished unit, reserved for the best of over 900 AFJROTC units worldwide.

    https://www.remind.com/join/rotc2 Use this link to get text message reminders of AFJROTC activities



    We are accepting paperwork and $$ for the Tampa trip now. 

    Flight cadre should go over the current quizlet cards, required knowledge, and remind all calendar events.  Play a short video clip or two from the material.

    Go to ocsd4sc.instructure.com for your latest assignments. If you do not yet have your Chromebook, you will be taking zeros on most assignments. Take care of your business or you will be left behind.

    All flights will have 2 cadets who have downloaded the reveille and star spangled banner music on to their tablet or cell phone. Follow @edistoafjrotc on twitter and Instagram -- get homework and schedule updates. Blocked at school - must join outside building on service provider or use a proxy app on your device.

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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments

Bring your Chromebook to class everyday - charged up... We will be using them

  • 7:00             Make coffee
    8:05-9:35     ROTC I  Aviation History and Military Customs
    9:40-11:10   ROTC IV  Global Awareness/Unlocking Potential
    11:15-11:40  E Block
    11:40-1:40   Running/Lunch/Planning
    1:45-3:15     ROTC I  Aviation History and Military Customs

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