• Williams

    I welcome you to our school district!  Orangeburg Consolidated School District Four (OCSD4) schools are located in rural, farming communities between Columbia and Charleston, South Carolina.  Our schools serve the communities of Branchville, Cordova, Cope, and Neeses.  Our schools remain the center piece of our communities. The smaller school atmosphere lends itself to the family feel that is part of our district culture.  

    OCSD4 is student centered and offers many academic, artistic, athletic, work relevant, and socially engaging programs for all students.  We believe in the whole school experience and how those experiences build a solid college and career ready young adult.  OCSD4 supports the transformSC profile of a South Carolina High School graduate; promoting world class knowledge, world class skills, and life and career characteristics.  We are committed to understanding every student’s needs and promoting their success.

    I encourage you to visit our schools to get a first-hand experience of what “United Four Excellence” means to our students, parents, faculties, and staff. 
    Dr. Lana Williams, Superintendent
    Phone:  803-534-8081
    Fax:      803-531-5614
    E-mail:  lana.williams@ocsd4sc.net

    Kay Barr-Hileman, Executive Secretary
    Phone:  803-534-8081
    E-mail:   kay.barr@ocsd4sc.net