• Technology Service Protocol

    In order to better serve the schools' technology needs, a service protocol will be implemented as follows:

    • Individual employees will still enter trouble tickets to obtain service
    • Media specialists will review and prioritize tickets for technical staff
    • Technicians will follow a permanent schedule and remain in their assigned school for the day
    • Julie will read all tickets on Monday and gather necessary parts
    • Technicians will meet every Tuesday morning to review all tickets and pick up any equipment/parts needed to provide service, thus eliminating the time lost by traveling.

    Issuing a Technology Trouble Ticket

    Steps to take before entering a trouble ticket

    1. Verify that electrical outlets are working (check for green lights or plug in a lamp, printer or other device to verify)
    2. Verify that all cables to the computer, printer, monitor and wall outlets are plugged in securely and un-damaged
    3. Turn the computer, monitor or printer completely off, count to 10 and turn it back on

     Information needed to open a ticket

    1. Device needing service (computer, printer, monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc)
    2. Exact error message if there is one
    3. Detailed description of the problem
    4. If the computer is beeping, the number of beeps and whether they are long or short (e.g. 2 long/one short)

     How to issue a trouble ticket

    1. Go to the District website (www.ocsd4sc.net)
    2. Click on Our Staff, then SchoolDude
    3. Enter your complete email address
    4. Step 1 – verify your name
    5. Step 2 – select your location, area and room number by using the down arrows.  Be sure to click the check box “Yes, remember my area entries…” if you are always in the same location
    6. Step 3- to the best of your ability, select the category that best fits with the issue  you are having
    7. Step 4 – describe the issue in detail – sounds heard, exact error message, frequency of the issue and so on
    8. Step 5 – if you wish, you may attach a file
    9. Step 6 – enter the password, which is “password”
    10. Step 7 – click on submit

    Please enter only ONE issue per ticket