• Possession of Dangerous Weapons

    Students are prohibited from carrying or possessing on school property, a school bus, or a District-related or school-related function any weapon, including but not limited to, switchblades, knives with a blade length over two inches, blackjacks, metal pipes or poles, firearm, or any type of weapon, device, or object which may be used to inflict bodily harm or death. No student vehicles parked on District or school property may contain weapons of any type. Violators will not only incur school disciplinary action but also penalties under law.

    The district will expel for up to one-calendar year a student who has brought or possessed a firearm on school property, a school bus, at District-related or school-related functions, or any setting under the jurisdiction of the District. A firearm is generally defined as a gun or destructive device and will be interpreted in accordance with State and Federal Law.