General Information

Carver-Edisto Middle School
  • Phone: 803-534-3554

    Fax: 803-535-0937

    Address: 2018 Carver School Road Cope, SC 29038


    Directions-coming from Columbia

    1. Merge onto I-26 E toward Charleston.
    2. Merge onto US-601 S via EXIT 145A toward Orangeburg.
    3. Turn right onto John C Calhoun Dr SW/US-301 S/US-601 S. Continue to follow US-301 S/US-601 S.
    4. Turn left onto Carver School Rd. Carver School Rd is just past Shillings Bridge Rd
    5. 2018 CARVER SCHOOL RD is on the right.

    Directions-Coming from Charleston

    1. Merge onto I-26 W via the ramp on the left toward North Charleston/Columbia.
    2. Merge onto US-301 S via EXIT 154A toward Orangeburg.
    3. Turn left onto Carver School Rd. Carver School Rd is just past Shillings Bridge Rd
    4. 2018 CARVER SCHOOL RD is on the right.

    General Information for Emergency Closings
    The Superintendent is empowered to close the schools in the event of hazardous weather, epidemics or other emergencies that threaten the safety or health of students or staff members. The superintendent will take such action only after consultation with knowledgeable authorities. The superintendent also has the authority to delay the opening of any or all schools or to dismiss them early, due to weather conditions or other emergencies.  The superintendent will make the decision regarding school closings and cancellations as soon as possible and announce the decision to the local news media.  Any school days missed due to snow or other extreme weather conditions must be made up. The district will not schedule make-up days for students on Saturdays.

    The following radio and television stations will report delayed openings or school closures:

    Radio Stations

    Television Stations

    WMHK (89.7 FM)

    WCSC (TV 5)

    WIGL (102.9 FM)

    WLTX (TV 19)

    WGFG (105.1 FM)

    WOLO (TV 25)

    WSPX (94.5 FM)


    WPJK (1580 AM)

    WJBF (TV 6)

    WQKI (93.9 FM)

    WRDW (TV 12)

    WSSB (90.3 FM)

    WIS (TV 10)

    WWDM (101.3 FM)


    WORG (100.3 FM)