• Dress Code

    The basic responsibility for the appearance of the student rests with the parents and the students themselves. Parents have the obligation and, within certain prescribed bounds, the right to determine their children's dress. However, these guidelines must be followed:

    • Attire must not be destructive to school property.
    • Dress must comply with the health and safety codes of the State of South Carolina.
    • Dress must not interfere with educational process or the rights of others.
    • For health reasons, students must wear shoes. Students may not wear bedroom shoes or rubber flip flops. 

    The district prohibits the use of head wear, or any type, or hair rollers in the building. In addition, the district prohibits any unnatural hair color. The district also prohibits sweatbands and wristbands.

    The district prohibits the use of sunglasses in the building unless they are prescribed.

    The district prohibits clothing that is provocative, suggestive, or interferes with the educational process. The district also prohibits swimwear-type clothing, see-through blouses, bare midriffs/backs, low cut ops, undergarment type clothing, shorts worn over pants, pants with holes above the knees that expose skin (regardless if they are manufactured this way), tank tops, cut-offs and sagging pants, pajamas, and lounge pants. Dresses, skirts, and shorts should be of an appropriate length (finger-tip rule or dollar bill width above knees; whichever is appropriate). Any yoga, spandex dresses/pants, or leggings type tights must be covered by something of an appropriate length. 

    The district prohibits clothing or jewelry that is obscene, profane, provocative, or represents any gang affiliation. Jewelry should not be excessive or pose a danger to the person wearing it or others. In addition, spiked belts, collars, cuffs, chains or wallet chains that could be used as a weapon are prohibited. 

    The district prohibits obscene, profane language, or provocative pictures on the clothing or jewelry.

    The district will allow a teacher to restrict the manner of dress or length of hair when it pertains to the health and/or safety of a student in that teacher's specific area.

    Any uniforms worn to school must comply with the dress code.