• CEMS Tardy and Attendance Policy:  Because regular school attendance is critical to student academic success, the following policies will be monitored and addressed.

    TARDY POLICY:  Students who arrive late to school must be signed in by an adult in the front office. Students will receive a late pass to show their teacher upon arriving to class. For a tardy to be excused students are required to bring a note from the parents/guardians explaining the reason for the tardiness. However, only certain reasons will be considered excusable (emergencies, illness, accident, etc). When a student accumulates 3 unexcused tardies, the parents will be contacted by the school. When a student accumulates 5 unexcused tardies the school will schedule a conference to develop an arrival plan to arrive to school on time.  When a student accumulates 7 unexcused tardies, a referral will be send to the Assistant Superintendent and the arrival plan will be updated. The parent/guardian will be summoned to the Attendance Hearing Officer.

    ATTENDANCE POLICY:  If a student misses more than 50% of the instructional day, they will be counted absent for the day. If he/she misses 50% of a class period, they will be counted absent from that class period. If a student is marked absent on a day of school, he/she cannot participate in any extracurricular or school-sponsored activity that same day unless authorized by the principal. All absences require a written explanation from a parent/guardian within 2 school days from the date of return to school. Lawful absences include

    1. Death in the immediate family
    2. Illness of student 
    3. Court summons
    4. Hazardous weather conditions
    5. Observance of a religious holiday
    6. State emergency
    7. Out of school suspension
    8. Lack of authorized transportation. This does not include students denied authorized transportation for disciplinary reasons.
    9. Other emergency or set of circumstances authorized by the Assistant Superintendent
    10. Participation in activities representing the school such as state and national competitions or ceremonies honoring outstanding students.
    11. Activities approved by the administrative team.
    12. Absences with acceptable cause of which the parent/guardian/student has no control.Students are not considered absent for the following reasons:
    13. Approved field trips
    14. Students late due to bus problems
    15. Students assigned to in-school suspension.

    Unlawful absences include students who are willfully absent from school without the knowledge of their parent/guardian or students who are absent without acceptable cause with the knowledge of their parent/guardian. When a student accumulates 3 unlawful absences, the school notifies the parent/guardian by telephone or mail. If a student accumulates 3 consecutive or 5 total unlawful absences, the school designee completes a truancy investigation, a conference is scheduled, and a truancy plan is put into place. When a student accumulates 8 unlawful absences, the truancy plan will be updated and a truancy referral will be sent to the Assistant Superintendent. The parent or guardian and student will be summoned to the Office of the Assistant Superintendent. Any further unlawful absences will result in a truancy referral to Family Court.

    Make-Up Work

    Students who have excused absences will be allowed to make up work missed during the first week after their return to school or at the discretion of the teacher/principal. Students who have unexcused absences will be allowed to make up work missed during the first week after their return to school and are responsible for securing the make-up assignments and completing the work.

    Attendance Requirements for Promotion and/or Credit 

    Students in grades K-8 may not be eligible for promotion if they have more than 10 unlawful absences.

    Appeal Process 

    Consistent with state regulations, parents/guardians have the right to appeal attendance violation decisions and/or question the school records regarding attendance. The appeal should be made in writing to the school principal. The decision of the principal may be appealed to the Assistant Superintendent. The decision of the Assistant Superintendent may be appealed to the Board by written request for appeal within 10 days of receipt of the decision of the Assistant Superintendent.