4K Supply List

  • Kindermat (found at Walmart) for nap time, *required by DSS*

    Blanket for nap time

    container of disinfectant wipes

    Gallon zip-loc bags

    Quart zip-loc bags

    Roll of paper towels

    4 containers of play dough

    3 boxes of markers

    3 boxes of crayons

    6 glue sticks


    We appreciate your help!

    -4k Teachers

K-5 Supply List

  • bookbag

    1 notebook

    4 glue sticks

    Washable markers (Classic colors)

    1 container of Lysol wipes

    Crayons (Crayola)

    (2) 2 pocket plastic folders 

    1 roll of paper towels

    BOYS will also need to bring:

    1 bottle of hand sanitizer

    1 box of Kleenes

    A few containers of play dough

    GIRLS will also need to bring:

    1 box of gallon Ziploc bags

    1 roll of transparent tape

    1 bottle of hand soap



    whiteboard cleaner

    *Wish list items are not required, but if you would like to purchase them, we would appreciate it! 

1st Grade Supply List

  • 4 plastic 2-pocket folders

    5 composition notebooks

    1 pack of notebook paper

    2 24-pack crayons

    6 glue sticks

    4 pink pearl erasers

    1 bottle of glue

    1 pair of scissors

    1 zippered pencil case

    48 #2 pencils


    1 highlighter

    1 black Expo dry erase marker

    1 box of Kleenex

    1 bottle of Clorox wipes

    1 bottle of hand sanitizer

    BOYS: 1 box of gallon ziploc bags

    GIRLS: 1 box of quart ziploc bags 


    *if students use up or misplace supplies, they will ned to be replaced.*

2nd Grade Supply List

  • Bookbag

    1 school box

    2 (4x6) lined index cards

    loose leaf notebook paper (wide ruled)

    2 large glue sticks

    4 packs of #2 pencils

    2 large pink erasers

    2 boxes of 24ct. Crayola crayons

    1 pair of scissors

    1 three ring binder

    2 Plastic 2-pocket folders

    5 marble composition notebooks

    1 highlighter

    colored pencils

    Box of Kleenex

    BOYS- Clorox Wipes

    GIRLS- Hand sanitizer


    *Wish List*

    Magic Markers

    Expo Markers

    1 box of gallon, quart, and sandwich bags


    Please make sure that your child's name is on all items. School boxes will remain at school so you may need to purchase duplicate items for home use. 

3rd Grade Supply List

  • 1 container of antibacterial wipes

    1 roll of paper towels

    2 boxes of tissues

    5 composition notebooks

    2 packs of 24 pencils



    4 plastic pocket folders with prongs

    1 pack of cap erasers or big erasers

    1 pack of dry erase markers (for use on small dry erase boards--- Black Expo work best and last the longest.)

    8 glue sticks

    2 packs of loose leaf paper – wide ruled

    1 set of ear phones/buds for Chromebooks (Dollar Tree ear buds are fine.)

    Wireless or wired mouse (optional)

    Plastic box/container to keep supplies in

    ***** If any parents would like to donate a pack of pencils, erasers, or dry erase markers for classroom use, we will appreciate it greatly.

    Thank you in advance for your help and support. We are looking forward to a great year.

    Mrs. Kittrell – ELA and Social Studies Mrs. Pruett- Math and Science

4th Grade Supply List

  • 1 binder (no larger than 1 inch)

    Loose leaf notebook paper (wide ruled) to be stored in binder

    1 plastic folder (the kind with 3 prongs inside to hold paper)

    4 composition notebooks

    Pencils for individual use

    1 pack of regular wooden pencils for classroom supply

    Erasers for individual use

    1 pack of cap erasers for classroom supply

    Crayons or colored pencils


    6 glue sticks (all will be taken up for classroom use)

    8 Highlighters

    Dry Erase Markers (at least 10) - Black Expo brand markers work the best and last the longest. These will be added to our classroom supply of markers. 

    Box of Kleenex

    Pencil box or pouch to hold supplies

    Lysol wipes- GIRLS ONLY

    Hand Sanitizer- BOYS ONLY

    Headphones for your child's individual use

5th Grade Supply List

  • Earbuds/headphones

    1 1-inch binder with dividers

    5 composition notebooks






    pencil box


    personal pencil sharpener

    2 folders with pockets and prongs

    1 pocket folder (homework folder)


    1 pack of Expo markers (6 or more markers)

    2 boxes of tissues

    1 bottle of Germ-x


    *Your student will be responsible for having his/her own pencil everyday... all year!!


    **We use a lot of Expo markers feel free to send in as many as you can ... anytime during the school year.