Edisto Air Force Junior ROTC

  • SC-20021

    We have been awarded the AFJROTC National Distinguished Unit Streamer thirteen times.

    The new link to this page is at tinyurl.com/ehsafjrotc

  • Quote of the Week

     "Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value." –Albert Einstein

    SAT Word of the Week

    ab·er·ra·tion ˌabəˈrāSH(ə)  noun  a departure from what is normal, usual, or expected, typically one that is unwelcome.
        "They described the outbreak of poor drill grades as an aberration."

  • https://www.remind.com/join/rotc2 Use this link to get text message reminders of AFJROTC activities

    Flight commanders in D and F need to recite Pledge of Allegiance with cadets

    Board Meeting Tues, 15 Jan for Orlando approval, Blood drive Thursday 17 Jan, Friday, 18 Jan - 4th Block -recruiting visit to Carver Edisto.

    Flight cadre should go over the current quizlet cards, required knowledge, and remind all calendar events.  Play a short video clip or two from the material.

    Go to ocsd4sc.instructure.com for your latest assignments. If you do not yet have your Chromebook, you will be taking zeros on most assignments. Take care of your business or you will be left behind.

    All flights will have 2 cadets who have downloaded the reveille and star spangled banner music on to their tablet or cell phone. Follow @edistoafjrotc on twitter and Instagram -- get homework and schedule updates. Blocked at school - must join outside building on service provider or use a proxy app on your device.

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Current Assignments

Past Due Assignments

Bring your Chromebook to class everyday - charged up... We will be using them

  • 7:00             Make coffee
    8:05-9:35     ROTC I  Aviation History and Military Customs
    9:40-11:10   ROTC IV  Global Awareness/Unlocking Potential
    11:15-11:40  E Block
    11:40-1:40   Running/Lunch/Planning
    1:45-3:15     ROTC I  Aviation History and Military Customs

15 Count Manual of Arms...